Hey, I Watch Too Much Netflix

ThIS WebSiTe wIlL bE uSeLEsS JUsT SayIn

Stuff 'bout me ;)

This is the bae Troian :D

Anyway heading right along, here is a list of my favourite songs which have not been put in order.

  • On Youtube Search Troian Bellisario singing and click one and listen to it and love it :D
  • Any cover or song done by Jackie Thomas
  • Feeling Good and I Put A Spell On You by Nina Simone
  • Video Games, Born To Die and Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey
  • Any Melanie Martinez Song
  • Lie A Little Better by Lucy Hale
  • Not Today, Stressed Out, Tear In My Heart and Migraine by Twenty One Pilots
  • Steve James Soap Remix
  • Um idk what else to put on here so um yea i will think of other things to put on here maybe more photos idk rly.

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    Um I don't know what to put on this website so Im going to find out how to make a comment section/area so you can tell me what to do with this website